Because without education there is no future.

Because without education there is no future.

New Institutes-school in the Barceloneta and Trinitat Nova

Ttwo primary schools will unify in each neighborhood educational projects under a single direction.


The project of the Barcelona Education Consortium to enable school-institutes in different neighborhoods of the city, with the merger of educational centers of primary and secondary schools in a single educational project, under a single direction and with a team of teachers coordinator between all stages, will begin their deployment by the Barceloneta and Trinitat Nova, among other areas of the city. The measure, inscribed in the neighborhood plan launched by the consistory, seeks to facilitate the (for many students) difficult transition from elementary school to the ESO and reduce the high rates of absenteeism and repetition that are produced in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

The consortium’s sources have indicated that, in any event, these mergers, which in many cases are still in the phase of talks, “can only be implemented if there is the consensus of the whole educational community, from teachers to parents of pupils”. “It is a model – have pointed out that guarantees a same educational project from the student arrives with 3 to 16 years.”

Rehabilitation jobs

In the Trinitat Nova, possibly the most advanced project, will be unified public schools Sant Josep Oriol and Sant Jordi and the institute of secondary Roger de Flor. “The tuition for the course 2017-2018 has already been done in the institute-school temporarily, but students must be in Sant Josep Oriol”, while running the works of empowerment of the spaces, explain the neighbors.

According to the information received by the ampas in the area, the forecast is that the course 2019-2020 students are able to move to the Sant Jordi, which will be an institute-school of two lines. The building of the Sant Josep Oriol will remain an educational center, possibly for postobligatorios studies.

In the Barceloneta, the educational centers involved are the Alexandre Ali and the Mediterrània (both of primary education) and the Salvat Papasseit (secondary education). In this case, the proposal of unification is “embryonic”, warns the Education Consortium. “Is Still studying how to do it,” said the agency, which are represented the Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Hall.

Counter reaction

In a statement issued on Tuesday by the municipal group of the PP in the consistory of the Catalan capital, the councilman Alberto Fernández denounces the intent of the Education Consortium of move the Mediterrània to Errico just five years after its construction. The project ensures the CP, “against the criterion of the Salvat Papasseit and the Mediterrània as neighbors of the Barceloneta”.



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